Medical Gas Monitoring System


medical gas monitoring system covers medical oxygen, vacuum, air operation systems, and alarms in nurse stations, operating rooms and other areas. It integrates pressure, temperature, flow and other data, processing and analyzing them in a unified manner.

Medical gas equipment is connected to the intelligent cloud platform via the Internet. Users can remotely view monitoring data in real time through the web or APP, and manage the operation of medical gas more effectively and quickly to ensure the safety of patients’ gas use.


  • Comprehensive monitoring coverage Including medical oxygen, medical vacuum, medical air plant and other medical gas alarm systems
  • System data integration analysis  Integrate and analyze the pressure, temperature, flow and other data monitored in each subsystem, provide historical data and graph display analysis, and provide a scientific basis for medical gas operation management
  • Notify the location of the alarm When an abnormal situation occurs, the location of the alarm can be identified through SMS or email, and the cause of the alarm can be quickly found to eliminate the fault
  • Customizable system upgrade The system meets the continuous development and construction of different medical institutions, and continuously refines internal needs to expand and upgrade