LCD Automatic Manifold

Med+ LcD type automatic manifold can fully automatic display information on the LCD panel. Wth digital and gauge pressure indication. Color display for easy reading. Pressure unit provides Bar, Mpa or PSI for measure conversion. When change medical gas cylinder, the manifold have alarm function.

Technical Data

Input power : 110VAC to 240 VAC, 50Hz to 60 Hz

Max flow : 100 m*/h

Applicable gas : 0 , Air, CO , N , and N 0, etc.

Dimensions : 480mm x 510mm x 240mm


  • Closed metal box, anti-interference
  • Pass the pressurization testing, welded in silver, safety and stable
  • Adopt pilot differential pressure control, accurate pressure control, and low failure rate O• With temperature control (CO2, N2O) to prevent frost and overheating leakage
  • The pipeline adopts loose joint, which makes maintenance more convenient O• Size of the connecting hose is customized
  • Remote alarm can be connected externally, providing alarm switch signal or analog signal (for central monitoring)

Automatic Control Panel

The control panel can monitor and display the following status informafion of the manifold:

  • System running
  • System fault
  • Outlet pressure and status indicafion(low, normal, high)
  • Left and right inlet pressure and status indicafion(low, normal, high)
  • Usage status and alarm informafion
  • Cylinder status indicafion
  • Parameter setting

Inner Structure